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News & Event

 • Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

Renowned travel magazine Travel And Leisure has announced the list of Top 20 islands contain many mysteries in the world. Unexpectedly winning name of Vietnam Con Dao.

Travel And Leisure According to information posted on the official website, located in Ho Chi Minh City just 45 minutes vibrant as the crow flies, Con Dao archipelago consists of 16 small islands off the coast of Ba Ria - Vung Tau reached the "eye" of international travel experts is by a long list of sightseeing and exploring can not be ignored on the island.

Scores of enthusiasts to use Vietnam

The highlight of the island is internationally known friends most probably located in a trauma of the island. It had been likened to "hell on earth", the country's prisons, prisoners and guards.

For visitors interested in learning history, certainly found her minutes in the relics deposited full information about the past of the island.

Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

The model reproduced the scene detained inside the prison on Con Dao

Horrible and the peak for the detention regime is cruel tiger cages isolated by the French colonialists built in 1940, the isolated cow shed built in 1930 by the U.S. was expanded in 1963, and Phu Binh prison dubbed "American tiger cages" built in 1971.

The people of Con Dao to still tell the story in 1975, when the island was completely liberated, still hear the screaming process and discovered that someone who was soaked to the bone erosion maggots in the cow shed .

Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

Hang Duong cemetery

It's difficult to traverse the 127 cell, 42 cell, 504 room separate cow barn was built over 113 years of Con Dao buckling their suffering under the yoke of aggression, but only to one of the sites that has fully penetrated so-called "hell".

Currently, sites are deployed tourism popular in the history of Con Dao may include the Phu Son prison cell where former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong and former General Secretary Le Duan, Pier 914 is history which has received political prisoners exiled to Con Dao, Hang Duong cemetery - the resting place of thousands of elite children of the nation as the heroine Vo Thi Sau, Le Hong Phong, Nguyen patriots Security ...

Lang du nature, passionate people

Impressed with the first visitors to the island will be the images mountains, unspoiled natural ambiance, filled with the flavor of the sea.

Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

Beautiful sunrise on the nose Shark

Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

He was widely beach, blue water, and sand smooth

Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

Island's most beautiful beaches - Beach Cowardly

Con Dao has 200km of coastline with dozens of beautiful beaches and pristine, clear blue water, the colorful coral reefs, such as An Hai, Dam Trau, Lo Voi, Peppers Springs, Hon Ba ... always bring liking, novelty for tourists to come here.

Depending on the "taste" of his travel, travelers can choose not static in time for a sweet vacation, or looking for the beach when the tide is low, but can see the colors sparkling coral reefs color, different kinds of fish in the sea would come to us ...

Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

Vast lotus pond in Con Dao National Park

In addition, visitors have visited the island should not be overlooked trip to Con Dao National Park, the residence of about 285 species, many species typical of forests of the North, Central, South and more than 100 species of birds, endemic mammals such as squirrels mun, culver white mouse ... mountains, and many rare animal products such as oats, turtles, green turtles, sea cucumbers, seaweed ...

For those travelers who have long travel, "difficult" than to feel the beauty, something new ... can try the two forms of entertainment is considered the most impressive in the island, which is recessive coral and shark fishing.

Services Snorkerling many and varied, especially in Hon Tre, Hon Tai, bays and beaches Con Son Dam Trau. The owners will provide fully equipped buoy, and equipment for divers.

Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

Snorkerling in Hon Tre

At the dive sites have been explored before, visitors will be guided manipulation basic diving and diving with the instructor. Coral sea only about a dozen meters to dive is not too difficult.

Also, if you vibrate in such, visitors can experience the services of professional divers with international diving company Rainbow, to offshore coral and explore more of the wonders of our marine animals.

Animal shark hunting is no less compelling. Venue is the perfect beach, situated atop the famous love of the island. According to the "experts" as islanders fishing for sharks, shark fishing time is appropriate when night falls, while the fish is large or small, more or less dependent, and the weather and the water .

Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

Sunset on top of Love

Guests will be given a special fishing rod 3m long, 100 m long strings, use bait with fresh ink. Sat fishing, has been enjoying a full dinner of fresh seafood on the beach, feel the drilling language from the surf, murmur of the leaves of trees, interspersed by the suspense of fish bite ... is a unforgettable experience for visitors to the island.

Paradise of the "believers" food

A rare delicacy on the island, the name is quite "sensitive" is building her breast. The name simply comes from the shape of a cone snail, top shell with a small knob which looks vaguely like the girl's breasts are breast House puberty ... she could bake, boil, eat salad have excellent taste!

Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

If you do not enjoy her breasts would be building a huge disadvantage

trip to island

Speaking as special and precious, in Vietnam by building her breasts not only live in places such as sea island, sea Cu Lao Cham (Quang Nam), sea Dai Lanh (Khanh Hoa) ... However, buildings her breast in the island is to top the year-round and foremost on the full moon.

Add a pretty unique dishes made from the seeds eagle - forest tree species has almost become a symbol for the vitality of nature and man the island.

The island is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the jelly beans eagle. By entering the range in June, July, is bought with ripening. Con Dao people often pick up early morning drop of dried ovoid, then chop the nuts with sugar or salt to bring rang.

The sweetness of sugar, or salty mixed fleshy and fat in the tongue of ice particles, bring a dish of delicious jam is very strange. This is the house specialty sexism island that nobody here did not buy some of the gift.

Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

Moon was still alive

Discover the island - the mysterious island in the world

"Beauty" eye of the moon after being boiled

In addition, there is a list of items or visitors or can not be ignored in the island is the seafood: crab moon, crab, lobster, smoked fish sauce, oyster sauce ... visitors can enjoy and purchase of as a gift.

Add an interesting information for tourists who cherished a trip to the island, which is beyond the title of most beautiful islands in the world voted by Travel And Leisure, Con Dao island in the top 10 romantic world, and the Top 10 islands have the best quality hotels the world of international travel guide Lonely Planet.