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 • Introduction

Con Dao Island off the coast of Vung Tau city is about 97 nautical miles and 120 nautical miles south of Ho Chi Minh City. The dry season is from February to June. The wet season is from July to September. From October to January is windy season.

introThe Con Dao archipelago consists of 16 islets with 76 square kilometers. The main island, Con Son is 51 km2 and the local population is 6.000.
Looking at a map, Con Dao island looks like a bear rising from the sea to east of the most southern point of the country.
Con Dao Island sheltered brave revolutionary spirits of the Vietnamese people who were patriots and revolutionists during the French and American resistance. It was know as “Poulo Condore” and considered “The hell on earth” in long time. More than 22.000 prisoners who dedicated their lives to national independence were incarcerated on the isolated island of Con Dao.
Con Dao Island is also famous for its nice beaches shaded with evergreen trees, fresh air, clear blue water, and primitive forests. In addition that, Con Dao island is one of the few places in Viet Nam that is home to rare dugong, dolphin and to varieties of orchids found nowhere else in the country. The ocean around Con Dao island is a heaven to the splendid forest cloaks the land. This is ecotourism at its best.
In the island have large and diverse coral reefs comparable to the most famous ecotourism in the region. In addition that, the local people is kind hearted, generous characters and adventures enough to remote island as their home.

 History :
    * 1284 : Adventurer Marco Polo’s boat casting in Con Dao to avoid a storm.
    * Early 1500’s : The sea-faring Portuguese first coming to Con Dao.
    * 1783 : The Vietnamese Lord Nguyen Anh going into hiding in Con Dao.
    * November 28th , 1787: Treaty of Versailles signed between King Louis 16th and Pigneau De Beùhaine, who was on behalf of Lord Nguyen Anh, allowing the French to have certain interests in Con Dao.
    * November 28th , 1861: Con Dao captured and occupied by the French.
    * March 20th to April 19th, 1895: Right in Con Dao, Camille Saint Saens, the well-known French composer, finishing three last chapters of the famous opera, Brunenhilda.
    * 1862 to 1975: Con Dao used as a prison for opponents of French colonialism and the former Saigon regime.
    * 1975 until now: Con Dao remaining as a quiet island for nature lovers and a get-together place for former prisoners.

    * Lying 117 nautical miles south of Ho Chi Minh City and 600 nautical miles from Singapore, the Con Dao archipelago is a fascinating group of 16 islands covered in thick vegetation and surrounded by shallow blue-green seas. The largest island in the group, Con Son, covers an area of 51.5 sq km. It is about 15km long and 1 to 3 km wide, and its dramatic granite peaks reach over 577 m. Con Dao is situated at 106036’ east longitude and 8046’ north latitude.
    * Being so near the equator, Con Dao has a tropical climate. There are only two seasons in the year: the dry season (December to April during the northeast monsoon) and the rainy season (May to November during the southwest). The average annual rainfall is 2,100 mm (highest in October), and the average temperature is 270C. Trip to Con Dao by plane can be enjoyed all year round, but the best time to travel to Con Dao by boat is from March to July, when the winds are gentle and the seas are fairly calm.

Visiting site
+     Dive and see cuphorbia at Hon Tre which is about 1 hour going by boat from the main island. You can enjoy many kinds of cuphorbia as well as impressive fishes.
+     Ong Dung Forest: Tourist could absorb in nature on the beach, enjoy the beautiful sun setting over Tinh Yeu Peak (Love Peak) after a day discovering Con Dao.
+     Dawn on Ca Map Cape : Wake up early and see the sun rising over Hon Bay Canh.  There would be a wonderful light display created by the cloud on the sky and the dawn light.
+     Sunset on Bai Nhat :   Tired out after a long day exploring Con Dao, visitors can now indulge themselves into nature at the beach, watching magically beautiful sunset slowly going down off the Tinh Yeu mount.
+     Dat Doc beach : on such long, natural and sloping beach, visitors can discover themselves cross-valleys going straight to the beach which  create small and romantic beaches.
+     Lo Voi Beach : Locates near the hotel and suitable for families.
+     Dam Trau Beach : To be considered as the most beautiful beach. Tourist can swim as well as dive here.
+     Seeing the turtle on Hon Bay Canh :  visitor could spend a quiet but extremely attractive night on Hon Bay Canh, see the turtoises making the nest and laying on the beach.Turtoises lay eggs throughout the year but they lay the most from June to September.

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